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After spending days or months working on a new business or renovations, let Just Too Clean put together the finishing cleaning touches to make it perfect for the tenant. We take care of all your post construction cleanup and pay strong attention to detail as we understand the importance of passing inspections.

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Why Hire a Cleaning Company for Post-Construction?

  • Safety

    After the construction team is finished, there is always a risk of them leaving behind hazardous materials such as hidden nails, sharp objects, toxic chemicals, and more. Hiring a professional cleaning team with the right safety equipment will eliminate these risks for the tenant.

  • Avoid Damages

    In order to avoid potential damages to appliances or other aspects of the establishment, it's best to hire a team with the proper equipment and tools who have experience handling cleaning post-construction and post-renovation.

  • Save Time and Money

    Most companies opt to hire a professional cleaning company as they can get the job done in half the time, thus saving money and labor hours.

  • Pass Inspections

    After the construction of a new build is complete, it must be professionally inspected before tenants are able to move in. A cleaning company with experience in post-construction know the areas to focus on in order for the company to pass the inspections.

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We Focus On What Matters Most

Certain areas can become especially messy during construction and renovations which is why we focus heavily on the following areas:

Windows and Windowsills

Windows and windowsills often are left with paint and glue on them after the job is done. Our team has the equipment and chemicals to remove the paint without causing any damage to the windows or surrounding areas.

Because the windows are such a focal point in an establishment, if they are not cleaned and scraped to the point of being spotless, it will be very noticable to the tenants. Hiring our professional team will ensure these important areas look as good as new!


Floors tend to be one of the most problematic areas after construction and renovations as they collect the most dust and debris.

Without a professional company, it can be quite challenging to remove all the remnants after construction/renovations. Our team has commercial vacuums, autoscrubbers, and other eqiupment and chemicals needed in order to get these floors spotless. We will ensure your floors are left dust-free, all sticky residue is gone, and they properly reflect the work that was done.

Walls and Baseboards

Walls and baseboards are targets for dust, debris, and paint from the construction surrounding them. Our team focuses heavily on these areas as we understand they are a focal point for anyone entering the home.

We have the experience and knowledge to remove all dust particles and residue without causing any damage to the walls or the fresh paint job.


Appliances in the home or building tend to collect dust and remnants of other construction aspects such as paint, glue, etc. This can be especially worse in areas like the bathroom and kitchen where multiple teams can be working on multiple projects at once.

No task is too big for our team though. We have chemicals and tools specifically used to remove the mess and make your appliances sparkle again!

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