What to Know Before Your First Commercial Post Construction Clean | Ottawa

What to Know Before Your First Commercial Post Construction Clean | Ottawa

Finishing up a new build or renovations at an existing location is an exciting time! Because you are here, this means you've started looking into post construction cleaners which is almost always recommended. Now that you are narrowing down a company to work with, this blog will go over everything you need to know before the cleaning begins. 


You may require multiple cleans 

This is something a lot of business owners initially may not be aware of. At Just Too Clean, we often recommend an initial post construction clean followed by a final clean. The reason behind this is that last minute work often needs to be done by contractors, whether it's paint touch ups, fixing plumbing, or new furniture being delivered. This can affect the work done during the initial clean which is why a second, much shorter, clean should be done before opening to the public. The initial clean will take care of all major aspects like scraping paint, scrubbing floors, cleaning all windows, etc.


You can communicate specific requests to the cleaners

Don't assume that all cleaners will just follow a pre-made checklist, most will actually appreciate if you let them know any specific areas you'd like them to focus on. Of course, some requests may be outside of their scope of work leaving them unable to do it, but it never hurts to ask.


The price may change depending on the amount of work required

It's always best to have the cleaning company do an in-person estimate before giving a quote so they know the exact scope of work and can give an accurate estimate. If they provide an estimate solely off photos or a description, they may end up spending significantly more time thus increasing the cost. A reputable company, however, will keep you informed along the way if they end up needing to spend longer. It's always best to discuss your budget in advance regardless.


The cleaners you hire should be licensed and insured

You may think you have found a great deal, but if the cleaning company is not licensed or insured, it may cost you more in the long run. Post-construction scenes can often be full of hazards and waste so anyone working in the area in general should be insured. On the flip side, you are also protected by the cleaners insurance in the rare case that something ends up broken at your location, you will be reimbursed.


If you are looking for a post-construction clean in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, or Calgary, Just Too Clean has you covered! We are fully licensed, insured, and have an overall 4.9 star rating. Post-construction is our specialty and our team would love to help you out! Please contact us directly to set up a free in-person estimate.



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