What is Included in a Post Construction Clean? | Just Too Clean Inc.; Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal

What is Included in a Post Construction Clean? | Just Too Clean Inc.; Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal

Post construction cleans are typically needed after constructing a new build or completing renovations in an existing place. The main purpose of a post construction clean is to make the environment suitable for tenants, remove all hazards, and to safely dispose of all waste. Hiring a company to take care of your post construction clean helps to create a beautiful and safe living space while showcasing the construction work that has been done. It's important to get your money's worth when hiring professionals for the task, so this blog will go over a checklist of what to expect during your post construction clean. 


1. Scraping

After construction has been completed, one of the most important tasks will be scraping the floors to remove left over debris (paint, glue, etc.). This is something that isn't included in a regular clean but is essential for post construction cleans. This is also a large factor of what makes post construction cleans more expensive as it is quite time consuming. The cleaners will also focus on gently scraping areas around the windows as they are typically covered with paint and other substances. Professionals will have the right equipment to do this without causing any damages to the surfaces or appliances.

2. Sweeping/Mopping

Although this should be included in every clean, it's particularly important in a post construction clean as it will help to remove hazards like nails, tacks, and anything that could hurt the tenant. This will also really make the establishment "shine" as this is completed after all scraping has been done. 

3. Vacuuming

Vacuuming needs to be done in all rooms, especially those with carpets in them. This will provide extra assurance that all hazards have been properly removed and disposed of. 

4. Dusting

Although the place is likely quite empty if it's a new build, there are likely still appliances that have to be wiped down and dusted. Areas like appliances, baseboards, walls, and windows are particularly prone to dust and construction debris. The cleaners will also dust all light fixtures/fans as they can also get covered in debris throughout the process. 

5. Disposing of Waste

Some construction teams tend to leave behind waste, especially cardboard, nails, paint, and wires. Post construction cleaners and expected to safely dispose of all of this and take out/replace any garbages if needed. The whole purpose of a post construction clean is to make the establishment look brand new. This is why it's essential to make sure all garbage has been removed. 


It's not uncommon for a post construction clean to be completed in multiple steps as well. Sometimes a cleaning company will do an initial "light" clean covering the basics, and then return for a final clean once the construction company and contractors have completed all their work. 

Just Too Clean Inc. is an Ottawa based cleaning company servicing Ottawa, Gatineau, Toronto, and Montreal. We are proud to offer our detail oriented post construction services to both commercial and residential customers at affordable rates. Our services include all of the above and more! Contact us today for an exact quote.

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