What is a turnover/turnaround clean? | Just Too Clean Inc.; Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal

What is a turnover/turnaround clean? | Just Too Clean Inc.; Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal

If you have looked into hiring professional cleaners, you've likely heard the term "turnover clean" or "turnaround clean". These kinds of cleans are particularly relevant to landlords or AirBnbs hosts. In this blog, we will go over what exactly a turnover clean is and why it is so important. 


What is a turnover clean?

A turnover clean is what needs to occur after a tenant or short-term rental client has left the residence and there will soon be another person occupying it. In these cases, the property owner or manager will hire a cleaning company to take care of all aspects of the turnover clean. We always recommend hiring trained professionals instead of doing it yourself as they know the exact areas to focus on and can complete the job in significantly less time. 

Important aspects of a turnover clean include changing bed linens/making all beds, cleaning and sanitizing the washrooms, dusting surfaces, sweeping/mopping, restocking supplies (toilet paper, paper towel, soap), and doing a general inspection to ensure all appliances are working. 


Why is hiring a cleaning company for turnover cleans important? 

In these situations, cleaning companies often help you beyond just providing a cleaning service. They will be able to let you know of any damages to the unit so the customer will be charged appropriately. They can also inform you of any upkeep that needs to be done before the next customer arrives, like changing lightbulbs, replacing batteries, fixing appliances, etc. 

Customer satisfaction is essential to short-term rental hosts so having a team of professionals giving the property a proper turnover clean before their arrival will help to ensure a good review. Customers, particularly those from AirBnb, are more likely to leave positive feedback if they feel comfortable in the space and cleanliness is a key factor to this. 


Overall, if you are a landlord or short-term rental host, hiring a cleaning company to take care of your turnover cleans is absolutely essential. Just Too Clean offers turnover cleans at affordable rates in Ottawa/Gatineau, Montreal, and Toronto. If you are a landlord or property manager in any of those cities, please reach out and we would be happy to help you boost customer satisfaction at your properties!

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