Tips for Finding Trustworthy Cleaning Services in Ottawa

Tips for Finding Trustworthy Cleaning Services in Ottawa

Whether it's hiring bi-weekly housekeepers or full-time cleaners for your restaurant, trustworthiness and reliability are of the upmost importance. This blog will discuss the top qualities to look for when hiring cleaners in Ottawa.


1. Reputability 

The first thing you should look into when hiring a cleaning company is their reputation. The best way to do this is to start with a quick Google search. Here, you'll see all their reviews, their website, and any articles that have been written by them. Reviews are essential to cleaning companies and although the occasional bad review can be overlooked, we would be wary to recommend a cleaning company with less than a 4/5 star overall rating. 


2. Experience

When researching a company online, any credible company should have their own website. A good website should state what they specialize in and what services they offer, show photos of their work, and offer testimonials from previous jobs they've completed. This will help you to determine if they have the skillset required for the kind of work you'd like completed. For example, a company that has only done AirBnb cleans may not be your first choice if you are looking for a large post-construction clean at your business.

An experienced cleaning company will also have the best supplies and equipment to complete the job as efficiently as possible. This means using machines like auto-scrubbers and commercial vacuums for larger businesses to drastically cut down on times and improve the quality of work. Cleaners working in homes should also have high quality products to ensure the best work is being done.


3. Trustworthiness

If you are letting cleaners into your home and business, it's a given that you'd like to have some level of trust in them despite not knowing them. So how do you ensure the cleaners are trustworthy? Any reputable company will be able to ease your worries by confirming their employees have passed a background check and have been trained extensively. However, even with the correct training, mistakes can naturally happen and things can sometimes go wrong. This is why, when speaking to a cleaning company, you must ensure that their business is fully insured. This protects your home and business against any of the unexpected and prevents you from being liable in the case that a cleaner was to get injured on your property. 


4. Transparency

A major hesitation many people have when hiring a small cleaning company is hidden charges or being charged more than expected after a clean and feeling stuck. A reputable company will be able to give you an upfront quote based on either a (free) in-person estimate or off photos and details you've provided. Some other companies, like Just Too Clean, will have an online booking tool where you can provide all your property's information, get an instant quote, and book online locking in the price for the clean. These examples will ensure you know exactly what you are being charged and what to expect from the cleaning company's services.


At Just Too Clean, we pride ourselves on hiring the most reliable and trustworthy staff to clean your establishments. Our staff undergo weeks of training before they are trusted to work on their own and are provided with only the best equipment and supplies. If you haven't hired us previously, you may be naturally hesitant, but we recommend reading through our public reviews from happy customers. We offer our cleaning services to both commercial and residential clients across Ottawa, Gatineau, Montreal, and Toronto. If you are looking to hire cleaning professionals, please contact us.

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