How much does professional cleaning cost in Ottawa? | Just Too Clean

How much does professional cleaning cost in Ottawa? | Just Too Clean

Hiring a professional cleaner or a team of cleaners can make more of a difference in your life than you'd think. Whether you're looking for cleaning for your business or your home, a trained professional can take this load off your hands and complete the clean in a timely and effective matter. When hiring a cleaner in Toronto, one of the first questions that will come to mind is "what is this going to cost me?". This blog will break down pricing for cleaning companies in the Ottawa/Gatineau area and what to avoid. 

Pricing for professional cleaners may vary depending on whether you are looking for a clean for a home or a commercial business. Some other deciding factors are what kind of clean it will be, if you expect them to provide all supplies, and how much experience they have. 

The main kinds of cleans for both residential and commercial are "regular cleans" that just cover the basics, "deep cleans" that cover the basics plus appliances and other areas of the home, and "post construction cleans" intended for after construction or renovations. Most companies will offer the aforementioned services and charge slightly difference with regular cleans being the cheapest and post-construction cleans being the most expensive (as there is more extensive labor and equipment required). 

A regular clean in Ottawa should expect to cost you anywhere from $35/hour to $45/hour, depending on the company or individual cleaner. Although this may seem excessive if you have never hired professional cleaners, please keep in mind that many factors are built into this cost including insurance, gas, equipment, chemicals, and of course, the employee's pay. We would advise against hiring companies who charge under this amount as they may not do quality work, may not be registered/insured, and may not have the necessary experience. 

A deep clean or post-construction clean may be closer to the $40 to $55 range, or more depending on the company. This is because the work is often more extensive, requires different chemicals, and more equipment. The cleaners are likely to spend more time on problem areas like windows and floors which can be very necessary for post-construction cleans.

Of course, you can always find self-employed cleaners who will complete the cleaning work for less if you are on a tight budget. We do, however, recommend going with a professional cleaning company like Just Too Clean to have assurance that all cleaners in your home/business are fully insured, have been background-checked, and have the necessary experience. At Just Too Clean, our pricing starts at $40/hour and includes all equipment and chemicals needed for the job. If you would like a quote for our services in Ottawa, please contact us here!

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