How Do I Choose The Right Kind of Clean for My Home?

How Do I Choose The Right Kind of Clean for My Home?

Booking a professional cleaning team is exciting! Just knowing you get to take a break from doing your own maintenance and enjoy your new spare time elsewhere makes it worthwhile. A reputable cleaning company will usually have many different options for residential clients including; deep cleans, bi-weekly cleans, one-time regular cleans, post-construction cleans, and more. Having so many options can definitely be overwhelming. In this blog, we will break down how we handle each clean and when each is required. 


Deep Clean

Although deep cleans tend to be more expensive and take significantly longer, they are absolutely worth it for homes that don't get cleaned regularly. A deep clean is ideal for someone with a busy lifestyle who doesn't have the time to clean their home frequently. We recommend hiring professionals to deep clean your home 2-3 times a year along with regular cleans in between. This is not only to improve the appearance of your home, but also for health and sanitation reasons. Deep cleans cover areas that aren't typically touched in regular cleans like baseboards, walls, windowsills, appliances, cabinets, etc. 

Regular Clean

A regular clean covers the basics such as sweeping, mopping, dusting, and making beds. These type of cleans are ideal for anyone who already has a fairly clean home and just needs help maintaining it. Customers with a busy lifestyle or family often opt for a regular clean bi-weekly to help them stay on top of things. 

Post-Construction Clean

A post-construction clean is intended for after either building a new home or undergoing renovations at your current home. Removing tricky substances like paint, wax, glue, etc. is a tedious task and better left to professionals. Our cleaning staff have all the tools and chemicals to make your home look brand new after construction. 

Move-In/Move-Out Clean

If you are moving into a new unit, you don't want to be reminded that someone was just living there before you. A move-in clean focuses on cleaning previously used appliances, sweeping/mopping/vacuuming, and removing any other dirt left behind by previous tenants. 


The quality and offerings of each style of clean will vary depending on which company you choose. If you are located in Ottawa, Montreal, or Toronto and looking to hire professional cleaners for your home, consider our team at Just Too Clean! We offer all the aforementioned services along with add-ons to create the perfect clean for your needs. If you are looking to set up your clean with our team, check out our online booking feature here where you can choose the right clean for you.

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