How To Deal With Housekeeping Shortages At Hotels

How To Deal With Housekeeping Shortages At Hotels

Having a rotation of excellent housekeepers working at your hotel is great, but what happens when you hit a particularly busy period and are understaffed? Or multiple employees call in sick? Fortunately, there are a couple ways to avoid these scenarios without costing the business anything excessive. Continue reading for our top suggestions!


1. Agencies

No matter what kind of business you own, it's always a good idea to have an agency's number available, particularly a cleaning staffing agency in this industry. They always have lots of workers available on an on-demand basis and can likely be at your hotel ready to work on less than a day notice. These workers will be insured by their agency and have valid work permits so you do not risk having any legal issues should anything go wrong in your location. Of course, when you hire an agency to source the work for you, you are essentially paying both the agency and the individual worker in one cost so it may not be the most cost-effective option. If you are looking to have housekeepers come to your hotel on an on-demand basis or short notice, this may be a feasible solution for you. 


2. A Professional Cleaning Company

When you think of professional cleaning companies, they may seem "overqualified" for a job with more simple tasks like hotel housekeeping. However, many cleaning companies over hotel housekeeping as s service on it's own so you can feel confident knowing you will be getting your money's worth. We tend to recommend professional cleaning companies over agency workers as you can see all their reviews and work online before hiring them, being sure that they are able to get the job done perfectly. Cleaning companies often screen and train their employees more diligently, meaning they can get more work done in a shorter time period, saving money for the establishment. Sicknesses and other inconveniences can occur with cleaners like any other employee, but the best part about hiring an individual cleaning company is that they will be fully responsible for sending someone else in their place. No matter which employee the cleaning company sends, they will be fully insured and trained before heading to the hotel. This is very important to independent cleaning companies as their reputation is what will continue to generate work for them.


Overall, if you are experiencing shortages at your hotel and housekeeping staff needing time off, there is no need to panic. By looking into agency staff or hiring a cleaning company on an on-call basis, you will ensure that there will always be trained staff ready to work at your location. At Just Too Clean, we offer hotel housekeeping as one of our services at extremely affordable rates across Ottawa/Gatineau, Toronto, and Montreal. We currently have employees cleaning on-site at nearby hotels at an almost daily basis due to shortages with stellar reviews. To inquire about hiring our cleaning company on-call at your hotel, please contact us here!

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