5 Ways Commercial Cleaners Benefit Your Business | Just Too Clean Inc.; Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto

5 Ways Commercial Cleaners Benefit Your Business | Just Too Clean Inc.; Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto

Hiring commercial cleaners for your business is an exciting time! It means you are taking the steps to offload work from yourself and employees, and entrusting it with professionals. This can have many benefits; like saving time and money, and providing your clients with a spotless environment. However, hiring commercial cleaners can have more benefits than you'd think! Continue reading to see the difference professional cleaners can make. 


1. Creating a clean establishment

Professional cleaners will have lots of prior experience cleaning similar establishments to yours. This means they know which areas to focus on the most and how to complete the work in an efficient and time-sensitive way. A typical clean will include dusting, sweeping, mopping, restocking bathroom supplies, taking out garbages, etc. Deep cleans of a commercial business may also include scraping, window cleaning, baseboards, walls, etc. Make sure to specify with the company if you just need regular ongoing cleaning or a deep clean! If you have had renovations done recently, that would likely warrant a post-construction clean. 


2. Ongoing maintenance

Keeping a clear line of communication with your commercial cleaners will also keep you in the loop about maintenance that needs to be completed. Although cleaners are not responsible for tasks like plumbing, excessive junk removal, etc., they will always observe if the aforementioned need to be done as they clean and can alert you to send the appropriate teams. This can make a huge difference in your business and the happiness of your customers, especially if it's something that needs to be resolved quite urgently, like flooding which is not uncommon in bathrooms. 


3. Removing hazards

Commercial establishments, especially those like nightclubs and bars, can be prone to various hazards after a busy night. This can be anything from broken glass to spilled oil to other debris. If these are not effectively removed, it could result in customers or staff being injured inside your location. Commercial cleaners will have the appropriate equipment and techniques to ensure all of the above are completely removed. 


4. Restocking supplies

Commercial cleaning can often go beyond simply just cleaning. Cleaners can also be tasked with related tasks, like refilling toilet paper in stalls, stocking up the paper towels, refilling bathroom soaps, replacing garbages, and more. If the establishment gets low on any of these supplies, they cleaners should also reach out to inform you to order more.


5. Increasing Customer Satisfaction

If a customer is happy with their experience at a business, they will be likely to leave a positive review. Your products and services can be 5 stars, but without a professional cleaning team taking care of the aspects, it may be hard to achieve a perfect review. Customers are proven to spend more time at an establishment when it is a clean and welcoming environment. A team of professional commercial cleaners will ensure your location is always spotless and ready by the time you open your doors.


Overall, hiring commercial cleaners can have a huge impact on the success of your business. Just Too Clean is an Ottawa-based commercial cleaning business operating across Ottawa/Gatineau, Toronto, and Montreal. We currently clean a variety of commercial businesses including nightclubs, bars, gyms, offices, restaurants, and more. With years of experience in a variety of commercial settings, our team definitely has what it takes to provide your business with an affordable, accurate, and reliable ongoing cleaning service. Please reach out if you are in any of the areas we service and we'd love to give you a free in-person estimate.

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