5 Tips for Keeping Your Restaurant/Bar Spotless | Just Too Clean; Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal

5 Tips for Keeping Your Restaurant/Bar Spotless | Just Too Clean; Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal

Keeping your restaurant/bar/nightclub clean should be one of your highest priorities for 2024. This not only creates a more sanitary place for your employees, but will significantly boost customer happiness as well. Here are our top housekeeping tips for your business, coming directly from a cleaning company who has lots of experience in the area.


1. Don't neglect the areas customers can't see

By this, we mean specifically the kitchen, employee bathrooms, etc. Of course, the priority when it comes to cleaning is the areas that are visible to the general public - the ones who are likely to leave a review if they see anything displeasing. However, there are a number of reasons to frequently have your kitchen cleaned as well. One of the major reasons to show some TLC to your commercial kitchen is to prepare for potential inspections. Whether the inspectors show up unannounced or with limited notice, it's best to stay on top of your kitchen cleaning to relieve the stress when that time comes around. It will also save you money in the long run as cleaning frequently will be more affordable than neglecting it and having to spend hundreds for a company to do an extreme deep clean. It's also just a good practice in general, as that is where food is prepared!


2. Bathrooms are a high priority

A customer can have a great experience with the food, drinks, and staff at your restaurant but their overall experience can go downhill if they later experience a grimy bathroom. The most important aspects that can sometimes be overlooked, are wiping down mirrors, cleaning toilets, restocking toilet paper/paper towel, and sweeping/mopping the floors. This should be done everyday before opening the location. However, supplies (like tissue/paper towel/soap) should be restocked accordingly throughout the day if there is an influx of customers.


3. Take care of your carpets

Frequent vacuuming will, of course, make a difference in keeping your carpets clean, but what about stains/spills/etc.? Professional carpet cleaning is not as expensive as you'd think and can make a huge overall difference in your location's appearance. We operate a carpet cleaning company across Ottawa and Gatineau and charge 30 cents/square foot. We recommend having your carpets cleaned every two months or so, depending on your budget. If you are not in a position to be able to afford professional carpet cleaning, we recommend at minimum vacuuming every day!


4. Implement checklists for staff

Restaurants and bars can be a very busy atmosphere, especially during a rush, so it can be easy for staff to overlook hygienic practices. We recommend keeping a checklist available so staff can see what has been done and take care of the remaining tasks. Tasks can be as simple as wiping down tables, cleaning interior windows, checking that bathrooms are sanitary and fully stocked, and sweeping/mopping when needed. Tasks like sweeping public areas should not be done while customers are present (unless in the case of a mess/spill), but employees can take advantage of slow times throughout the day to take care of it.


5. Hire professionals on a regular basis

Employees who have been hired for tasks like bartending, serving, and hosting can, of course, be tasked with cleaning duties like they are in many other restaurants. However, if they do not have prior cleaning experience, it would be unfair to expect more than a lacklustre job. This is why many companies opt to hire professional commercial cleaners on a regular basis. The cleaners will typically show up overnight while the restaurant is closed and make sure everything is prepared for when the location re-opens. Some upscale restaurants many also have a professional cleaning attendant on-site throughout the day to help with cleaning tasks, especially with bathroom sanitation. If your business can't afford regular professional cleaning, you may also opt for a professional deep clean once every month instead while having staff take care of the basics in between. 


At Just Too Clean, we have lots of experience and knowledge surrounding this topic. We work across Ottawa, Montreal, and Toronto doing primarily commercial cleaning at locations just like yours! If you are interested in learning more about regular cleaning, deep cleans, or post-construction cleans at your locations, please send us a message and we can schedule a free estimate.

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